The techniques that I use for my linocuts

After I have been working out my plans and sketches I make a drawing on transparent paper. Then I make a copy with carbon paper on a piece of linoleum. The technique I use is called ‘lost plate technique’.   I start with a piece of linoleum as big as the final print will be. Now it is time to print the first colour, for instance the colour of the sky. Then I cut away the linoleum I used for printing the first colour to keep that colour on my final print. After that I will print the second colour and again I cut away the linoleum. I repeat this process time after time until the final print has been ready and it looks the way like I have planned it.If for example a print has 23 colours, it has been printed and cut 23 times. The unfinished print on the right shows the result after four times printing.

Painting techniques

For my paintings I use acrylic paint on linen. I like the structure of linen a lot. A fresh white canvas is a huge attraction to me. It’s a new start and everything is possible. The visualization of the idea I created in my brain, and the question if I will succeed again. I use thin paint, often in three or four layers. This way I get more control on the intensity of the colour and the contrast of the painting. You could call it ‘glazing’.